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To give our customer a full experience we have created a marketplace so you can see, meet and buy from local artisans in and around the Caribbean.  ALSi embraces the island way of life and community living. 

Please contact and support one of our local vendors

Flora Salvaje

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Flora Salvaje screams of women power. It is a praise of woman’s duality between being soft like a flower and wild like a beast; A force of nature. The dream was born on a surf trip living a dream but wishing for stylish and practical outfits to cruise on.

Maria Rebecca

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I create to inspire. My hope is  that you get the sense that Maria Rebecca Jewelry is a powerful visual element of Self Expression. Always Ethically Made &  Unique.

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Charlie Ramirez

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Charlie Ramirez is a self-taught international artist. He works with a variety of media such as painting, sculpture and video.  Born and raised on the Island of Puerto Rico, his love and knowledge of art developed through his upbringing.  Growing up amongst his father’s private collection of Latin American Art,  his parents taught him the importance of art as means of expression and its cultural significance.

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Kelly Meagher

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Kelly's tropical lifestyle influences her paintings immensely with much of her free time exploring the island and surfing. Paintings with strong female figures and colorful nature scenes primarily define her work with detailed water textures and luscious warm sunsets.

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Rachel Tanner Photography

Rachel feels like one of the luckiest girls with her lifestyle.  Her interaction with the ocean and nature has fueled her passion in creating beautiful, unique images that evoke feelings and reactions.

If you believe in what you are doing it will come across in all aspects of your life.

Don't complicate things, simple is always an easier path to follow, but always keep a sense of adventure. 

Power Cookies

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Our goal is to fill you up with love and joy with every bite of our powerful and delicious vegan cookies that you'll always have to keep in your beach cooler after surf sessions, at work to snack with coffee or just to enjoy at home for dessert with ice cream. Treat yourself and start enjoying our delicious vegan Power Cookies at home today!


Shred Sea

  • Instagram

I am an artist based out of beautiful Puerto Rico where I live with my husband ... But I'm also on the move, traveling to places like Costa Rica, the Virgin Islands and the US, teaching surfing and creating art! 

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Sister Surf & Yoga Retreat

Chelsea, Coco and Marjie are three best friends and sisters from the Virgin Islands. Growing up on the Islands, the girls were exposed to a healthy lifestyle at a very young age. They learned the importance of eating fresh local fruits and vegetables and taking care of the body through massage, yoga, and daily swims in the ocean. 


The Unchartered Studio

  • Instagram

We pride ourselves on developing unique products that are not only eco-minded but also comfortable and stylish. We are a creative warehouse with original designs inspired by the ocean - both above and below the surface - and the beauty that surrounds it. Our brick and mortar shop houses an array of screen printed apparel and accessories, local artwork and more. 

Liz Muse Designs

  • Instagram

Where Southwest meets the Sea. Custom handmade Rustic Jewelry Designs.  Liz Muse designs are all made with the highest attention and quality.  Talented, elegant and beautiful!


Sculpt by Emily Tyson

  • Instagram

SCULPT is a blend of dance, Pilates, yoga, and light weights, designed to blast calories, tone muscles, and work your entire body.  You will move with precision and purpose through sequences created to target specific muscle groups. In SCULPT we move with music. Every exercise is musically driven so you can find a meditative state.

Stephanie Fuentes

  • Instagram

Kula was born from the desire to offer a brand that is comfortable, sustainable, and handmade in our little paradise, Puerto Rico. The designs are all a call from my heart, and made 100% from sustainable fabrics such as; organic cotton, European linen, and silk. Other materials used are eco friendly as well, made from our mothers gifts such as sea shell and coconut buttons.


I am serious about the impact our brand will have on the planet, and so for sustainability. We are a small brand, so most of our pieces are statements for the ones who carry them, since they will not be mass produced.

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Fiore De Castro Carlo

Born in Ponce, PR,  from Spanish- Italian heritage. Since early age, her inclinations persist on rediscovering the ideals of the classics and the great masters. 

Greatly inspired  and impacted through actual works of art from Picasso, Gaudi, Dali, Mucha to Caravaggio, Rembrandt. 

De La Tribu

  • Instagram

Recycling has never looked so good. 100 % reused plastic  and local Puerto Rico flowers.

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Ranify Bikini

Custom Swimwear Handmade in Hawaii From Recycled Ocean Plastic.  Ranifly's unique designs defines the artist behind the prints.  These suits scream the island vibe of fun and excitement.  Every item is of the highest quality and made with love. A Must Have!

Albert Padilla

  • Instagram

Albert Padilla's Custom Art Company. Hand painted hats, murals, and canvas.  Albert is at the heart of his community.  At any given day you can find him surfing his local break or set up with his art close by.  So talented and what a pleasure that now you connect with him from the comfort of your home.


BVI Explore My World

  • Instagram

Photographer, ocean lover, nature lover... spy of this world. Fotografa Chilanga, buscado por el mundo el momento perfecto!  Shakti photographs can be found with her amazing smile at Omars Coffee House in Soper's Hole, BVI.

Which she owns and operates.

Kiki Island Jewlery

  • Instagram

Kiki here with a little about my brand!

I definitely owe my inspiration to my home town of Rincon.  Growing up above a marine reserve in Puerto Rico was a dream as a child. Some of my earliest memories are playing in the tide pools and searching for beach treasures.  As I grew, so did my respect and love for the incredible nature I had in my front yard.  When I create jewelry,  I think of this place.  The place that inspires me!

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